Plum Guide & GHA DISCOVERY Offer


Terms and Conditions


  • The Plum Guide GHA DISCOVERY offer (the “Offer”) applies to bookings made by GHA DISCOVERY members on (“Plum Website”) for Plum Guide properties (“Plum Properties”), where the booking date is on or after 1 March 2024 (“Eligible Bookings”). Any bookings made before 1 March 2024 or on channels other than the Plum Website are deemed ineligible for this Offer.
  • To take advantage of the Offer, bookers must be a member of the GHA DISCOVERY loyalty programme before the date of booking the stay at a Plum Property and must have accepted the GHA DISCOVERY programme Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Not a member yet? Join GHA DISCOVERY free of charge.
  • The Offer allows these GHA DISCOVERY members to be rewarded with DISCOVERY Dollars (“D$”) calculated as 5% of net eligible spend (total amount paid excluding taxes) for the relevant stay. The percentage of spend awarded remains the same for members at all GHA DISCOVERY tiers. D$ awarded under this offer are subject to a limited expiry term of twelve (12) months from the date of issuance.
  • Eligible Bookings also allow GHA DISCOVERY members to accrue eligible nights, net eligible spend and brand stay towards GHA DISCOVERY membership tier status progression, with Plum Guide being treated as one distinct brand for these purposes.
  • To receive D$ and tier credits for Eligible Bookings, bookers must provide their GHA DISCOVERY membership number at the time of booking a Plum Property via a dedicated field in the booking checkout page on the Plum Website. Where the GHA DISCOVERY member is logged in to the GHA DISCOVERY website or mobile app and clicks through to the Plum website, their GHA DISCOVERY membership number will be passed on to Plum for the purposes of facilitating the Offer. D$ and tier credits will normally be awarded to the member's account within fourteen (14) days of checkout from the Plum Property.
  • DISCOVERY Dollars (“D$”) is the rewards currency of the GHA DISCOVERY loyalty programme; they are rewards points and not a legal currency in any territory. They do not have any intrinsic value. D$ can be used towards the payment of eligible stay charges at any GHA DISCOVERY hotel, with each D$ being equivalent to a credit of USD 1 against the stay charges. D$ cannot be exchanged for cash.
    1. D$ cannot be used towards the payment of stay charges at any Plum Property.
    2. D$ will only be awarded to the GHA DISCOVERY account that is provided during the booking process. A GHA DISCOVERY member cannot receive D$ on behalf of another person.
  • This offer is subject to change or withdrawal without notice, cannot be transferred or exchanged for other forms of compensation, cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion unless explicitly stated and is subject to availability. 
  • If you have questions about your Plum Property stay, did not receive your D$ or are not seeing your stay on your GHA DISCOVERY account within twenty-one (21) days from the checkout date, please contact the Plum Guide team at [email protected].