Driving Change

Making a difference and the world a better place

GHA DISCOVERY partners with our hotel brands for local impact, globally.


GHA DISCOVERY rewards members for experiencing the world, both at home and away. We also strive to make the world a better place. We know our members are just as passionate and committed to making a difference.

Social awareness and environmental sustainability are core values for our hotel brands. By treating people and the planet with the utmost respect, together, we wish to see the world become more resilient, equal, and sustainable. Since our inception, our hotels have shown incredible commitment to creating and facilitating local, regional, and national programmes. We are proud of the generosity and dedication that the Alliance demonstrates.

Choose a theme or specific charity. D$1 donated = USD 1 donated; 100% of the value will go toward the theme or cause of your choice*.

*Due to local laws and regulations, this feature is unavailable to the UAE and Saudi Arabia's residents and visitors.

Charitable themes