Pop and Retro street tour

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Chao Zong Street, Kaifu District, Changsha Hunan 410005, ChinaChangsha, China
Availability until: 31 Oct 2024
Duration 3 hours
CNY 264.15
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Pop and Retro street tour to explore Changsha

Take a city walk to explore Changsha's Pop and Retro streets. There are bustling markets and commercial complexes that combine shopping, leisure, entertainment, dining, culture, and tourism. As you stroll through these streets, you will encounter distinctive features, such as the granite pavement reminiscent of Changsha's ancient markets. Indulge in authentic Changsha delicacies, soak in the tranquillity amidst the bustling city, and allow us to capture these beautiful moments for you.

Experience Includes:

  • Pop and Retro street tour with hotel employee to accompany guests and take photos for one hour
  • Round-trip limousine service to "Chao Zong Street", then go back from "Du Zheng Street"
  • Two cups of local signature tea