Experience the unforgettable

Hot air balloon ride over jungle near Angkor Wat, Cambodia

What does the unforgettable look like for you?


We believe that an Experience creates a lifelong memory. Encountering something new and spectacular. Making an unexpected connection. It's different for everyone, but one thing we know for sure is that the best Experiences are unforgettable. That’s why we’ve hand-picked the best in every locale just for you. 

Want to explore a marine ecology center with a trained biologist, to meet endangered species? Check. Take a sunset cruise around St. Anne Marine Park in Seychelles? We’ve got you covered. See (and taste) where Shanxi vinegar is handcrafted in Taiyuan, China? It’s here for you. From mixology classes in Budapest to traditional drum lessons in Maldives … there’s so many ways to experience your destination with our hand-crafted, locale-specific Experiences. 


Experiences are for everyone and come in all shapes and sizes


GHA DISCOVERY Experiences are now available to all members, and you can book and enjoy them close to home as easily as across the world. Enjoy five dynamic categories of Experiences: Adventure, Culture, Events, Nature and Tours & Classes. Each is curated by the individual hotel and vetted by GHA DISCOVERY — so you can rest assured that every possible detail has been taken care of. 

Browse and book on our website or app. Then relax and enjoy. Prepare to capture photos and videos to prove you really did it, or put your devices away and just immerse yourself in the moment. You always get to choose how you enjoy your time. And whether (or not) you share it with the world.  

No matter what you select, member-only Experiences offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see your destination (or your hometown!) through fresh eyes.